Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hello September

     Apparently August flew past me and I never posted, not even once.  I'm not sure that anything grand happened, although everyone here is still alive, healthy, and wearing clean clothes..always a plus.  July was our month of crazy, August was calmer in that we stayed home on the week-ends, but VBS, swimming lessons, and one awesome day of chicken butchering (yes, awesome & chickens CAN be used together) made it a productive month.  And just like that September is upon us.

     The Homeschool order has been placed, schedules are in the process of being planned, and I am trying not to hyperventilate over a few things.

1. I have 4 in 'school' this year.
2. I have to teach Math to 4 kids..with a smile.
3. My's time to start teaching guitar again.

     I have long realized that structure is my friend, and I do well in a setting that has expectations.  Over the past few years our lives haven't had much consistency and we survived, but I am longing to get back into a well-planned, organized form of chaos.  I don't want a solider-like home, just a plan.  My kids need it, and I am craving it.  Structure is something that comes with the territory of sending your child away to school.  Structure is expected in the work world, and this year, we will be working towards a much more planned week.  It will help that I no longer need to run to hardware stores every other day :)

     Seasons.  God realized that we need changes in our physical settings and voila, we have 4 seasons.  I don't despise any of them.  I love what each one brings.  Not just the eye candy they provide, but what they do for our soul.  Spring; a time of newness.  Green after months of white and cold.  New life everywhere from plants to animals.  Summer; longs days, gardens, living outside.  Fall; the mad dash to prepare for winter, harvest, a sense of accomplishment.  Winter; the forced slowing-down of life.  I love it.  Each season demands a different physical reaction.  I know many hate the thought of winter coming, but I never do.  I love that the physical home in which we live becomes a safe haven of warmth.  And maybe this winter I will finally be able to learn to quilt..and drink gallons of tea.

     I had to remind myself for the past 3 years that we were in a different season of life.  One filled with building and moving and all the side effects that come with it.  I often struggled with my attitude because it seemed as if so much was falling by the wayside.  One week would be completely different from the next and that was okay...or so I would tell myself.  Now with the thought of actually being able to truly plan, I find myself overwhelmed at what that means.  But growing pains are inevitable, just like the first frost of the season sends all the crazy drivers into the ditch.  September is our month most likely to be filled with a few 'accidents' in finding our groove.  It's okay.

     Last night I was with a group of friends celebrating a birthday and we were all discussing life.  Kids, marriage, homeschool, pressures...etc.  Each of us is in a season unique to our families, but we can learn and encourage each other.  Dessert helps.  We are all entering the new school season with a bit of trepidation, we're not alone.  And I am always thankful for the encouragement friends give.  No judgment, but an ear to listen and share ideas.  And while we were laughing and dining?  Our men had all decided to go quadding with the kids.  5 men, 10 quads, and 20 kids....from age 2-13. I couldn't believe that ALL the men went because of the age of some of the littles.   Gord said they only covered 6 kilometres, and I understand why.  Apparently distance is not a requirement for fun, and my crew said it was awesome.  If there was an award to be given for a 'hands-on dad' those men are well deserving!  With men like these, we shouldn't be too worried about changing seasons...and that makes me very, very thankful!