Monday, 15 June 2015

Proof we took a holiday

     We took a vote, it was unanimous...Kelowna has been a win/win for our family.  It was more than we had hoped for.  Booking an 'unknown to us' resort online could have been dangerous for us.  We don't tend to have the best of luck with hotels and it's not because we stay in dives.   From fire alarms to loud/cussing/obnoxious neighbours, we've had it all so we tend to be a bit nervous.

     It was a pleasant surprise to drive to the resort and see what awaited us.  We had a cute little cottage, completely furnished and within a short walk to one of the swimming pools.  Everything was well-maintained and clean...I really love clean!  We had the smallest of the houses, but it was more than adequate for our family.  I was relieved, Gord was impressed, and the kids....well, they really liked the awful hotel we stayed in a few years ago so their opinion doesn't carry too much weight.

     The kids took to the water like fish.  I think the most rewarding part of the trip was to see one of my boys overcome his fear of water.  He was in swimming lessons, but couldn't even bring himself to dunk his head under the water.  Today he jumps in, floats on his belly, can swim short distances, and basically just stays under the water.  It was awesome to see him change over the span of a week.  Our daily routine was breakfast, swim, lunch, swim, super...etc.   Get the picture?  The pools were heated, but that didn't really matter to the kids.  They jumped in the lake too, whereas Gord and I tended to slowly enter...very slowly.  The kids were so played out by the end of the day that they crashed and slept and slept some more.  Mission accomplished!

     I am so glad we had to change our holiday plans.  This has truly been a holiday for everyone.  Cooking has been simple and quick,  and I forget how clean a place can stay when there's no dirt or mud to track in.  Nothing had been scheduled.  We simply woke up and planned the day.  Yes, it has been relaxing and refreshing.  I'm sorry it's over so soon, but good memories were made.

     A few simple highlights include :

  1. Swimming in the lake
  2. Swimming in the pool
  3. Visiting Kangaroo Creek Farm and holding baby Walabies
  4. Touring the historic O'Keefe Ranch
  5. Meeting up with a long lost cousin and his family...beautiful people with a super cute home
     I could probably go on and on, but eventually that would bore you and me, so I will leave you with a montage of unprofessional photos, but you'll get the pun intended.

The 'Cottage'

We spent a lot of time on this deck

The lake view


The boys had a blast catching minnows

Best catch ever!!

An Albino Walaby...he posed so nicely

It was impossible to resist holding the baby Walabies

     Tomorrow morning we pack up and head partway home.  Jasper is the next stop, and...gulp...I've booked a hotel.  I'll let you know how that one turns out ;)


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