Monday, 11 May 2015

Awkward Moment #3

     I would like to think that I have a lot of common sense.  I believe I am practical and a 'no nonsense' kind of girl.  I pay attention to my surroundings and notice details, the little things.  I can tell you if something is crooked to 1/8th of an inch...and this drives Gord and I BOTH crazy.  So that's why I am still embarrassed/annoyed at my ridiculous guffaw on the week-end.

     Every year Sexsmith has a town garage sale, and I love getting up early and browsing through everyone's treasure/junk.  I usually go by myself, but this year I took the older 3 with and inevitably we came home with a few steals.  I found 3 lovely cast iron pans for $4...I can't not (double negative I know) buy them!!  I know someone will want them, so I always pick them up for friends.

     This is not Gord's thing, at all.  We have a deal though, I'm always on the lookout for things he's talked about purchasing.  It usually works out well and every now and then he reaps the rewards of my scavenger hunts.  My hopes were high when I went to an older home that had a large 8hp tiller out front.  I knew Gord had been on the lookout for one and this was in good shape and considerably larger than the 5hp tiller we had looked at before.

     Not seeing a price on the machine I found the owner.  "How much for the tiller?"  His reply? "Um, that's a snowblower."  At that point my head whipped around to take a 'closer' look.  Sure enough, right on top, was the snow chute.....well done Susie.  To the man's credit, he did an excellent job on maintaining his composure, and I had nothing intelligent to say after the fact.  Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and walk away...which I did with 2 cast iron pans ;)

     To add to my shame, I saw at least half a dozen more 'tillers' that day....and you can bet that I looked them over VERY well!

     Have a great Monday :)

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