Tuesday, 24 February 2015

'Shopped' out

     Well, the day has finally come  when I have to agree with all the people that questioned our sanity when we told them we were going to live in our shop.  It's been over two years since we've called this place home....I feel that alone is worth a meaningless badge.  Granted I did have a dishwasher, and a laundry/mechanical/cold/storage room, HOWEVER, do you know what it's like to have ZERO closets?  Unending dust? No doors to hide the messes behind?  Oh, and my favourite, privacy.  How I miss thee...

     Last week was a hard one and I was needing a bit of privacy.  I had myself a good cry/talk session with God, but I had to go over to the house for the space I needed to do it.  I was painting and crying...therapeutic actually.  Anyway, I was thankful for the moment away to think and get the needed tears out.  And in the end my heart was lighter, and my walls whiter.

     White.  White almost everything, that's my new thing.  I might be going overboard but I can always repaint.  Although my 12 year old is borderline disgusted with my colour (or lack of) choices. I mentioned also painting my table, and Taylor was almost excited, until he realized I meant white.  He's never been one to shy away from voicing his opinion....that's bound to get him in trouble ;)  He makes me smile daily.  He used to make me cry, back when I was an inexperienced, tense, first time mom.  Now I am learning to appreciate his sense of humour even if it often comes at the wrong moments.  We were eating supper and I happened to see a Blue Jay out of our tiny window and I mentioned to Gord how excited I was to be able to look out everywhere in the house.  (lots of windows) I also talked about a bird feeder which caught Taylor's attention.

        "Hey Mom, when we move in the house, don't put the screens back in the windows."

     I caught on right away, and shot down his plan of attack on the birds.  We then had to discuss being an ethical hunter.  Hunting.  That's all that's on his mind these days, and I am relieved that we seem to be past the obsessive Lego stage.  I love seeing my boys running around outside exploring and hunting.  Although I caught my 5 year old carving on the front deck...the knife was dull, but he managed to whittle a branch down to almost nothing.  Oh he was proud!  As long as we have band-aids and rules we should be okay.

     We are in the last stages of our House Project, and we are all tired.  Tired of late nights, tired of decisions, tired of unscheduled days, and tired of this shop-turned-storage unit.  My kitchen cupboards are slowly being moved into the house.  You would think that extra space would help, and it will, however moving the boxes into the house creates a whole new pile of work.  Between mornings of laying flooring and evening of putting together kitchen cabinets, the shop work is falling far far behind.  Having 1 washroom makes cleaning simple enough, but with 6 people in and out daily it's hard to keep up.  And food...living out of town is so inconvenient at times.  There is no take-out coming home on the days when cooking is the last thing on my mind.  But so far everyone is still alive... obviously it's not too bad.

     I  am looking forward to moving into the house.  I have enjoyed the shop life, but I am anxious to finish this 7 year project.  I am thankful that we have had a cozy home these last two years, but honestly, I am ready for elbow room, another bathroom, a basement, and closets!  I am ready to have a full size kitchen again, and windows that show all the dust and fingerprints.  Oh yes, I am ready...too bad the house isn't ;)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Best Medicine #1

     I've had to control my giggles this morning with one boy.  He's been very frustrated while doing his schoolwork.  And usually that's no laughing matter for me.  My goal is to encourage..gently.  However I just couldn't help myself when I saw his dilemma.  He is slowly getting a handle on reading, but today he was sitting in great frustration.  I asked him why...thinking he was having trouble with words.  No, he read them fine...perfectly.  His problem was figuring out how to answer each question.  They weren't difficult questions, but did require that he check 'YES' or 'NO.'  He was  taking them a bit too seriously.  He's a deep thinker ;)

     Can you slap a big bug? - "Well, what if its REALLY  big?"  I am serious when I say he was deep in thought over this, and it bugged (HA!!) him that he couldn't answer quickly because he was thinking so hard.

     Can you skip up a hill? - "What if it's a REALLY steep hill?" Again, he was almost in tears...and I couldn't help but smile.   How do you explain to a child that this question is simple?  No hidden agenda questioning your physical ability.  It's not a trick question.  But I am positive that he was wondering if he had EVER skipped UP a hill...maybe down..but that's different right??  He is my boy with an eye for the specific and particular.  He is my boy that feels colours on his skin.  He is unique...and he is mine!

      Thankfully, my smile made him smile and he got through all of his questions.  Although he was quick to point out that the fox in one picture DID NOT look like a fox but like a cat, so answering a question about the fox proved to be a challenge.   I believe this trait will serve him well in life..we need deep thinkers.

     I do not claim to be a deep thinker, but I do understand the crying-over-nothing part.  Just last week I'm sure I burst into tears when I found out our trim for the house needed to be modified.  Yesterday I was ready to throw a fit because I had difficulty getting to my freezer in the back of the shop due to all the boxes of lights, cabinets etc that sit in the path.  Ah yes...the short fuse is inheritable.  So while I smile at the little frustrations of my son, you would think I could learn to laugh at the irritants in my life.  Laughter can go a long way.   I am trying...and often failing.   Yet I claim the wise words of Anne Shirley, "Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it...yet."


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lessons In Irony

     I had a minor revelation last week.  Ever since I met Gord, his world has slowly become mine.  I started taking an interest in his interests/wants/needs.  I suppose it's a good thing...but lately it has  becoming increasingly disturbing.  I find myself going to town and purchasing things that have NEVER been on my shopping list.  Why??  For him.  I'd say he's got me good.   Gord will casually mention something he's thinking about, and without realizing it I've tucked that little bit of info into my already full brain.  Weeks or months might go by and then, VOILA...I find what he's been looking for.

      It all started shortly after we made the move from 'Up North' to 'Not so Far North.'  Gord had been wanting land to build a house.  Of course, from previous posts, you all know that I was not really on board with that.  'Terrified' would be a better description.  Yet I was the one who actively started searching for land.  I still remember the day I found it and Gord's excitement over the find.  Not long after we bought it.  My fault.  Fast forward 8 years and we are still dealing with the effects of 'my find.'  God has a wonderful sense of humour :)

      Prime example, Gord had been wanting a bigger T.V for years already.   I was adamantly against having anything too big in our shop.  First of all, where would we put it??  We have very limited space and I did not want such a worldly looking contraption in my living room.  It was always understood that it would happen in the new house....sort of a 'buy it yourself' housewarming gift.  So a funny thing happened when I went to town after Christmas.  After 2 weeks of not being in a grocery store, I was needing to go in the worst way.  Plus I had to pick up the paint for the house....lots of it.  Seeing as how it would be a big day and I needed all the space possible, I went alone.  After buying groceries I went to the paint store, which was conveniently located close to Costco.  As they were preparing my order,  I decided to go 'browse.'  Long story short, I came home with a massive grocery haul, massive pails of paint.....and (oh the shame) a massive T.V.  I doubt I will ever live this one down....it's sitting in my living room ;)  Oh, and it's completely possible to fit this all into a mini-van!

     I am not the only one who makes the odd impulse buy though.  A few weeks ago I picked out the tile for our shower and Gord kindly went to go pick it up for me.  He purchased all the supplies and brought them home, as well as a little something extra.  On the back of his truck?  A quad!!!  Yeah its 20+ years old and only $700...but it's in great shape and has been well-used by our boys already.  As much as I would like to bug him about it...I can't.  I'm the one who found it online.